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At Tarpon Contracting, our Mission Is Clear:

Our mission is deeply rooted in our commitment to improving the quality of life for Canadians. We understand the pivotal role that critical infrastructure and hospitality upgrades play in creating better environments.


We excel in breathing new life into hotels, offices, and various commercial spaces. Whether it's a major hotel renovation or suite makeovers, our commitment to design excellence and construction precision shines through in every project. We've had the privilege of working on prestigious hotels like Chelsea Hotel Toronto, Hilton Meadowvale, and many others, creating memorable spaces that set the stage for exceptional guest experiences.


Our industrial coating solutions play a pivotal role in extending the life expectancy of critical assets and reinforcing structures. From cementitious waterproofing to gasproofing, crystalline waterproofing, concrete protective liners (CPL), and structural protective liners, we have the expertise and precision to safeguard our cities' infrastructure.

With Tarpon Contracting, you're not just partnering with contractors; you're collaborating with visionaries and problem-solvers dedicated to quality workmanship.  Contact us today to explore the possibilities and experience the Tarpon Contracting difference across the Canadian landscape.

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