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At Tarpon Contracting, we stand as trusted experts and leaders in the fields of industrial restoration and commercial renovations. Proudly Canadian, we have been reshaping environments for years, breathing new life into  hotels, offices, and various commercial and industrial spaces across the nation.


Industrial Restoration: We specialize industrial coating applications that span from underground sewers to water towers.  Our team is well-versed in restoring and protecting critical infrastructure, ensuring longevity and safety.

Commercial Renovations: We collaborate with subcontractors throughout every step of the project to accomplish our clients' needs.  No job is too small or too complex.

At Tarpon Contracting, we are more than just contractors; we are visionaries and problem-solvers.  Our commitment to excellence, combined with our dedication to quality workmanship, has earned us a reputation as the "go-to" choice for projects of all sizes.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities and experience the Tarpon Contracting difference.


With over 100 years of combined experience, we've got a well-seasoned team


Our visionary CEO excels in strategic financial planning, leadership, and innovative problem-solving to achieve company goals through decisive decisions.

Martin Raus

With a vast construction background in purchasing, development, budgeting, and estimating, Greg sets the standard with dedication to quality service and strong leadership.

Greg Budzalewicz
VP of Construction

With 25+ years of strong accounting experience, Mary has been a crucial asset in construction since 2004, bringing warmth and expertise from roles in architecture and distribution.

Mary Panteleris

Nick excels as a strategic planner and problem solver, demonstrating superb analytical skills, emphasizing coordination, communication, time management, and fostering strong customer relationships.

Nick Evans
Project Coordinator

Patrick, renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, excels in crafting precise scopes of work and cost estimates. His expertise extends to material and labor estimating, cost analysis, and proficient project management.

Patrick Budzalewicz

Senior Estimator

Ty ensures timely, budget-compliant job completion. He serves as the primary contact for owners, managers, workers, and subcontractors, boasting 15+ years of comprehensive experience.

Ty Lamb

Senior Project Manager

With over 15 years of experience, James excels in on-time, on-budget project management. A skilled point of contact, James also liaises effectively with all stakeholders.

James Cross

Project Manager

As a seasoned Senior Project Manager & Disinfection Specialist at Tarpon since 2009, Aaron excels in on-time, on-budget project management, serving as the main contact for Regions and City representatives, backed by extensive knowledge and certifications.

Aaron Casey

Project Manager

Glen, well-versed in construction subtrades, is the main contact for hospitality sector owners. Renowned for top-notch service, he excels at workforce coordination and organization, drawing on insights from past entrepreneurial experiences.

Glen Whalen

Senior Project Manager - Hospitality

With extensive expertise in construction subtrades, Robert is the key contact for hospitality owners, dedicated to top-notch service and skilled workforce coordination.

Robert Tworek

Senior Project Manager - Hospitality

Andrew prioritizes employee safety, excelling in clear communication, time management, and leadership. His consulting expertise assures owners of successful, safe, and efficient projects.

Andrew Vienotte

Site Superintendent - Canada West

Jesse prioritizes employee safety, excelling in communication, time management, and leadership. Consulting experience ensures projects meet top safety and efficiency standards.

Jesse Brownell

Site Superintendent

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